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Manager for the file storage version updates.

class tvb.core.entities.file.files_update_manager.FilesUpdateManager[source]

Bases: tvb.core.code_versions.base_classes.UpdateManager

Manager for updating H5 files version, when code gets changed.

MESSAGE = 'Done'
UPDATE_SCRIPTS_SUFFIX = '_update_files'
static get_all_h5_paths()[source]

This method returns a list of all h5 files and it is used in the migration from version 4 to 5. The h5 files inside a certain project are retrieved in numerical order (1, 2, 3 etc.).


Return the data version for the given file.

Parameters:file_path – the path on disk to the file for which you need the TVB data version
Returns:a number representing the data version for which the input file was written

Returns True only if the data version of the file is equal with the data version specified into the TVB configuration file.


Upgrades all the data types from TVB storage to the latest data version.

Returns:a two entry tuple (status, message) where status is a boolean that is True in case the upgrade was successfully for all DataTypes and False otherwise, and message is a status update message.
upgrade_file(input_file_name, datatype=None, burst_match_dict=None)[source]

Upgrades the given file to the latest data version. The file will be upgraded sequentially, up until the current version from tvb.basic.config.settings.VersionSettings.DB_STRUCTURE_VERSION

:param input_file_name the path to the file which needs to be upgraded :return True when update was successful and False when it resulted in an error.