Web User Interface of TheVirtualBrain

The workflow of TheVirtualBrain is divided in six major activities. The main menu of the web interface lays at the bottom of the page. It links to these six activities.

  1. In User, the user can manage their account and TheVirtualBrain settings.

  2. In Project, the individual projects are managed with all their data and infrastructure.

  3. In Simulator large-scale simulations are defined and launched. Analysers and visualizers associated with a simulation are defined there. Their results, structural and functional data, are shown in panels. Having multiple panels allows having a quick overview of the current TheVirtualBrain model parameters, simulations and results. We consider the Simulator to be the core of TheVirtualBrain.

  4. In Analysis experimental and simulated data can be analyzed.

  5. In Stimulus, patterns of spatiotemporal stimuli can be generated.

  6. And finally in Connectivity, the user can edit the connectivity matrices assisted by interactive visualization tools.

The typical workflow within TheVirtualBrain GUI proceeds through these steps:

  1. a project is defined and/or selected and user data, (e. g. a connectivity matrix), are uploaded into this project

  2. new data is obtained by simulating large scale brain dynamics with some set of parameters

  3. results are analyzed and visualized

A history of launched simulations is kept to have the traceability of any modifications that took place in the simulation chain.

The TVB EduPack on the TVB main website contains several video lectures guiding you step by step through TVB’s web interface: