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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
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Manager for the file storage version updates.

.. moduleauthor:: Lia Domide <>
.. moduleauthor:: Ionel Ortelecan <>
.. moduleauthor:: Bogdan Neacsa <>
.. moduleauthor:: Robert Vincze <>

from datetime import datetime
import os
from sqlalchemy import text

import tvb.core.entities.file.file_update_scripts as file_update_scripts
from tvb.basic.config import stored
from tvb.basic.profile import TvbProfile
from tvb.core.code_versions.base_classes import UpdateManager
from import dao
from tvb.core.neotraits.h5 import H5File
from tvb.core.utils import string2date
from import FileStructureException, MissingDataFileException, FileMigrationException
from import StorageInterface


[docs]class FilesUpdateManager(UpdateManager): """ Manager for updating H5 files version, when code gets changed. """ UPDATE_SCRIPTS_SUFFIX = "_update_files" PROJECTS_PAGE_SIZE = 20 DATA_TYPES_PAGE_SIZE = 500 STATUS = True MESSAGE = "Done" def __init__(self): super(FilesUpdateManager, self).__init__(file_update_scripts, TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_CHECKED_TO_VERSION, TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_VERSION) self.storage_interface = StorageInterface()
[docs] def get_file_data_version(self, file_path): """ Return the data version for the given file. :param file_path: the path on disk to the file for which you need the TVB data version :returns: a number representing the data version for which the input file was written """ data_version = TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_VERSION_ATTRIBUTE return self.storage_interface.get_storage_manager(file_path).get_file_data_version(data_version)
[docs] def is_file_up_to_date(self, file_path): """ Returns True only if the data version of the file is equal with the data version specified into the TVB configuration file. """ try: file_version = self.get_file_data_version(file_path) except MissingDataFileException as ex: self.log.exception(ex) return False except FileStructureException as ex: self.log.exception(ex) return False if file_version == TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_VERSION: return True return False
[docs] def upgrade_file(self, input_file_name, datatype=None, burst_match_dict=None): """ Upgrades the given file to the latest data version. The file will be upgraded sequentially, up until the current version from tvb.basic.config.settings.VersionSettings.DB_STRUCTURE_VERSION :param input_file_name the path to the file which needs to be upgraded :return True when update was successful and False when it resulted in an error. """ if self.is_file_up_to_date(input_file_name): # Avoid running the DB update of size, when H5 is not being changed, to speed-up return True file_version = self.get_file_data_version(input_file_name)"Updating from version %s , file: %s " % (file_version, input_file_name)) for script_name in self.get_update_scripts(file_version): temp_file_path = os.path.join(TvbProfile.current.TVB_TEMP_FOLDER, os.path.basename(input_file_name) + '.tmp') self.storage_interface.copy_file(input_file_name, temp_file_path) try: self.run_update_script(script_name, input_file=input_file_name, burst_match_dict=burst_match_dict) except FileMigrationException as excep: self.storage_interface.copy_file(temp_file_path, input_file_name) os.remove(temp_file_path) self.log.error(excep) return False if datatype: # Compute and update the disk_size attribute of the DataType in DB: datatype.disk_size = self.storage_interface.compute_size_on_disk(input_file_name) dao.store_entity(datatype) return True
def __upgrade_h5_list(self, h5_files): """ Upgrade a list of DataTypes to the current version. :returns: (nr_of_dts_upgraded_fine, nr_of_dts_ignored) a two-tuple of integers representing the number of DataTypes for which the upgrade worked fine, and the number of DataTypes for which the upgrade has failed. """ nr_of_dts_upgraded_fine = 0 nr_of_dts_failed = 0 burst_match_dict = {} for path in h5_files: update_result = self.upgrade_file(path, burst_match_dict=burst_match_dict) if update_result: nr_of_dts_upgraded_fine += 1 else: nr_of_dts_failed += 1 return nr_of_dts_upgraded_fine, nr_of_dts_failed # TO DO: We should migrate the older scripts to Python 3 if we want to support migration for versions < 4
[docs] def run_all_updates(self): """ Upgrades all the data types from TVB storage to the latest data version. :returns: a two entry tuple (status, message) where status is a boolean that is True in case the upgrade was successfully for all DataTypes and False otherwise, and message is a status update message. """ if TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_CHECKED_TO_VERSION < TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_VERSION: start_time = file_paths = self.get_all_h5_paths() total_count = len(file_paths) no_ok, no_error = self.__upgrade_h5_list(file_paths)"Updated H5 files in total: %d [fine:%d, failed:%d in: %s min]" % ( total_count, no_ok, no_error, int(( - start_time).seconds / 60))) self._delete_old_burst_table_after_migration() # Now update the configuration file since update was done config_file_update_dict = {stored.KEY_LAST_CHECKED_FILE_VERSION: TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_VERSION} if no_error == 0: # Everything went fine config_file_update_dict[stored.KEY_FILE_STORAGE_UPDATE_STATUS] = FILE_STORAGE_VALID FilesUpdateManager.STATUS = True FilesUpdateManager.MESSAGE = ("File upgrade finished successfully for all %s entries. " "Thank you for your patience!" % total_count) else: # Keep track of how many DataTypes were properly updated and how many # were marked as invalid due to missing files or invalid manager. config_file_update_dict[stored.KEY_FILE_STORAGE_UPDATE_STATUS] = FILE_STORAGE_INVALID FilesUpdateManager.STATUS = False FilesUpdateManager.MESSAGE = ("Out of %s stored DataTypes, %s were upgraded successfully, but %s had " "faults and were marked invalid" % (total_count, no_ok, no_error)) self.log.warning(FilesUpdateManager.MESSAGE) TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_CHECKED_TO_VERSION = TvbProfile.current.version.DATA_VERSION TvbProfile.current.manager.add_entries_to_config_file(config_file_update_dict)
[docs] @staticmethod def get_all_h5_paths(): """ This method returns a list of all h5 files and it is used in the migration from version 4 to 5. The h5 files inside a certain project are retrieved in numerical order (1, 2, 3 etc.). """ h5_files = [] projects_folder = StorageInterface().get_projects_folder() for project_path in os.listdir(projects_folder): # Getting operation folders inside the current project project_full_path = os.path.join(projects_folder, project_path) try: project_operations = os.listdir(project_full_path) except NotADirectoryError: continue project_operations_base_names = [os.path.basename(op) for op in project_operations] for op_folder in project_operations_base_names: try: int(op_folder) op_folder_path = os.path.join(project_full_path, op_folder) for file in os.listdir(op_folder_path): if StorageInterface().ends_with_tvb_storage_file_extension(file): h5_file = os.path.join(op_folder_path, file) try: if FilesUpdateManager._is_empty_file(h5_file): continue h5_files.append(h5_file) except FileStructureException: continue except ValueError: pass # Sort all h5 files based on their creation date stored in the files themselves sorted_h5_files = sorted(h5_files, key=lambda h5_path: FilesUpdateManager._get_create_date_for_sorting( h5_path) or return sorted_h5_files
@staticmethod def _is_empty_file(h5_file): return H5File.get_metadata_param(h5_file, 'Create_date') is None @staticmethod def _get_create_date_for_sorting(h5_file): create_date_str = str(H5File.get_metadata_param(h5_file, 'Create_date'), 'utf-8') create_date = string2date(create_date_str, date_format='datetime:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f') return create_date def _delete_old_burst_table_after_migration(self): session = SA_SESSIONMAKER() try: session.execute(text("""DROP TABLE "BURST_CONFIGURATION"; """)) session.commit() except Exception as excep: session.close() session = SA_SESSIONMAKER() self.log.exception(excep) try: session.execute(text("""DROP TABLE if exists "BURST_CONFIGURATION" cascade; """)) session.commit() except Exception as excep: self.log.exception(excep) finally: session.close()