project_update_scripts Package

The convention for adding a new update script is to just add a file starting with the project version at which the script is updating data, followed by ‘’.

To make sure the latest script gets executed, we need to manually change in tvb.basic.config.settings.VersionSettings.PROJECT_VERSION

The update script should have a module level function ‘def update()’ that does the actual updates.

We intentionally break the Pyhon convention in file name (start with a number) to prevent undesired behavior with direct import of these update scripts. They will be used by the manager, through introspection.


Images have been moved inside the project folder. This script only updated the folder/files structure of a project. When executed on a project already stored, an update in DB references might also be needed.


Images have been moved in the project folder. An associated db migration will update file paths in the db.


ProjectionRegion DataType has been removed, and ProjectionSurfaces got a new required field.

for release 1.5.1


Remove all ProjectionRegion entities before import, to not have problems or missing DT class.


for release 2.0