config Package

TVB generic configurations are here.

E.g. Scientific libraries modules are plugged, to avoid close dependencies. E.g. A list with all the modules where adapters are implemented.


class tvb.config.algorithm_categories.AlgorithmCategoryConfig[source]

Bases: object

Base class to define defaults for an algorithm category entity. To be overiden inside each algorithm category module: analyzers, creators, simulator, uploaders, visualizers. Subclasses will be used at introspection time, in order to fill the ALGORITHM_CATEGORIES table with data.

category_name = None
defaultdatastate = 'INTERMEDIATE'
display = False
launchable = False
order_nr = 999
rawinput = False
class tvb.config.algorithm_categories.AnalyzeAlgorithmCategoryConfig[source]

Bases: AlgorithmCategoryConfig

category_name = 'Analyze'
launchable = True
order_nr = 1
class tvb.config.algorithm_categories.CreateAlgorithmCategoryConfig[source]

Bases: AlgorithmCategoryConfig

category_name = 'Create'
defaultdatastate = 'RAW_DATA'
order_nr = 0
class tvb.config.algorithm_categories.SimulateAlgorithmCategoryConfig[source]

Bases: AlgorithmCategoryConfig

category_name = 'Simulate'
order_nr = 0
class tvb.config.algorithm_categories.UploadAlgorithmCategoryConfig[source]

Bases: AlgorithmCategoryConfig

category_name = 'Upload'
defaultdatastate = 'RAW_DATA'
order_nr = 999
rawinput = True
class tvb.config.algorithm_categories.ViewAlgorithmCategoryConfig[source]

Bases: AlgorithmCategoryConfig

category_name = 'View'
display = True
launchable = True
order_nr = 3


TVB global configurations are predefined/read from here, for working with Framework.

class tvb.config.profile_settings.CommandSettingsProfile[source]

Bases: WebSettingsProfile

Profile which allows you to work in tvb with storage enable, but in console mode.

class tvb.config.profile_settings.TestPostgresProfile[source]

Bases: TestSQLiteProfile

Defines settings for running tests on a Postgres database.

class tvb.config.profile_settings.TestSQLiteProfile[source]

Bases: WebSettingsProfile

Defines settings for running tests on an SQLite database.

CODE_CHECKED_TO_VERSION = 9223372036854775807
TVB_CONFIG_FILE = '/root/.test.tvb.configuration'

This profile will not be used in deployment, so we try to avoid problems due to too much initialization


Specific initialization when functioning with storage

class tvb.config.profile_settings.WebSettingsProfile[source]

Bases: BaseSettingsProfile

Setting for working with storage and web interface

LOGGER_CONFIG_FILE_NAME = 'logger_config.conf'

Specific initialization for deployment and framework settings


Specific initialization when functioning with storage