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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# TheVirtualBrain-Framework Package. This package holds all Data Management, and 
# Web-UI helpful to run brain-simulations. To use it, you also need to download
# TheVirtualBrain-Scientific Package (for simulators). See content of the
# documentation-folder for more details. See also
# (c) 2012-2024, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care ("Baycrest") and others
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation,
# either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
# WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
# PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this
# program.  If not, see <>.
# When using The Virtual Brain for scientific publications, please cite it as explained here:

.. moduleauthor:: Bogdan Neacsa <>
.. moduleauthor:: Mihai Andrei <>
import csv

import numpy
from tvb.adapters.datatypes.db.connectivity import ConnectivityIndex
from tvb.basic.logger.builder import get_logger
from tvb.core.adapters.abcuploader import ABCUploader, ABCUploaderForm
from tvb.core.adapters.exceptions import LaunchException
from tvb.core.neocom import h5
from tvb.core.neotraits.forms import TraitUploadField, SelectField, TraitDataTypeSelectField
from tvb.core.neotraits.uploader_view_model import UploaderViewModel
from tvb.core.neotraits.view_model import Str, DataTypeGidAttr
from tvb.datatypes.connectivity import Connectivity
from tvb.basic.neotraits.api import TVBEnum, EnumAttr

[docs] class CSVConnectivityParser(object): """ Parser for a connectivity csv file Such a file may begin with a optional header of ordinal integers The body of the file is a square matrix of floats -1 is interpreted as 0 If a header is present the matrices columns and rows are permuted so that the header ordinals would be in ascending order """ def __init__(self, csv_file, delimiter=','): self.rows = list(csv.reader(csv_file, delimiter=str(delimiter))) self.connectivity_size = len(self.rows[0]) self.line = 0 self.permutation = list(range(self.connectivity_size)) """ A permutation represented as a list index -> new_index. Defaults to the identity permutation""" self.result_conn = [[] for _ in range(self.connectivity_size)] rows_count = len(self.rows) if rows_count == self.connectivity_size + 1: self._parse_header() elif rows_count == self.connectivity_size: pass # we have no header else: raise LaunchException( "Could not parse a number matrix. Check field delimiter. Found %d rows and %d columns" % (rows_count, self.connectivity_size)) self._parse_body() def _parse_header(self): """ Reads the ordinals from the header and updates self.permutation """ self.line += 1 try: ordinals = [int(v) for v in self.rows[0]] except ValueError: raise LaunchException("Invalid ordinal in header %s" % self.rows[0]) header_i = list(enumerate(ordinals)) header_i.sort(key=lambda i__ordinal: i__ordinal[1]) # sort by the column ordinal inverse_permutation = [i for i, ordinal_ in header_i] for i in range(len(self.permutation)): self.permutation[inverse_permutation[i]] = i self.rows = self.rows[1:] # consume header def _parse_body(self): for row_idx, row in enumerate(self.rows): self.line += 1 if len(row) != self.connectivity_size: msg = "Invalid Connectivity Row size! %d != %d at row %d" % ( len(row), self.connectivity_size, self.line) raise LaunchException(msg) new_row = [0] * self.connectivity_size for col_idx, col in enumerate(row): new_row[self.permutation[col_idx]] = max(float(col), 0) self.result_conn[self.permutation[row_idx]] = new_row
[docs] class CSVDelimiterOptionsEnum(TVBEnum): COMMA = ',' SEMICOLON = ';' tab = '\t' SPACE = ' ' COLON = ':'
[docs] class CSVConnectivityImporterModel(UploaderViewModel): weights = Str( label='Weights file (csv)' ) weights_delimiter = EnumAttr( default=CSVDelimiterOptionsEnum.COMMA, label='Field delimiter : ' ) tracts = Str( label='Tracts file (csv)' ) tracts_delimiter = EnumAttr( default=CSVDelimiterOptionsEnum.COMMA, label='Field delimiter : ' ) input_data = DataTypeGidAttr( linked_datatype=Connectivity, label='Reference Connectivity Matrix (for node labels, 3d positions etc.)' )
[docs] class CSVConnectivityImporterForm(ABCUploaderForm): def __init__(self): super(CSVConnectivityImporterForm, self).__init__() self.weights = TraitUploadField(CSVConnectivityImporterModel.weights, '.csv', 'weights') self.weights_delimiter = SelectField(CSVConnectivityImporterModel.weights_delimiter, name='weights_delimiter') self.tracts = TraitUploadField(CSVConnectivityImporterModel.tracts, ['.csv'], 'tracts') self.tracts_delimiter = SelectField(CSVConnectivityImporterModel.tracts_delimiter, name='tracts_delimiter') self.input_data = TraitDataTypeSelectField(CSVConnectivityImporterModel.input_data, 'input_data')
[docs] @staticmethod def get_view_model(): return CSVConnectivityImporterModel
[docs] @staticmethod def get_upload_information(): return { 'weights': '.csv', 'tracts': '.csv' }
[docs] class CSVConnectivityImporter(ABCUploader): """ Handler for uploading a Connectivity csv from the dti pipeline """ _ui_name = "Connectivity CSV" _ui_subsection = "csv_connectivity_importer" _ui_description = "Import a Connectivity from two CSV files as result from the DTI pipeline" WEIGHTS_FILE = "weights.txt" TRACT_FILE = "tract_lengths.txt" def __init__(self): ABCUploader.__init__(self) self.logger = get_logger(self.__class__.__module__)
[docs] def get_form_class(self): return CSVConnectivityImporterForm
[docs] def get_output(self): return [ConnectivityIndex]
def _read_csv_file(self, csv_file, delimiter): """ Read a CSV file, arrange rows/columns in the correct order, to obtain Weight/Tract data in TVB compatible format. """ with open(csv_file, 'r') as f: result_conn = CSVConnectivityParser(f, delimiter).result_conn self.logger.debug("Read Connectivity file of size %d" % len(result_conn)) return numpy.array(result_conn)
[docs] def launch(self, view_model): # type: (CSVConnectivityImporterModel) -> ConnectivityIndex """ Execute import operations: process the weights and tracts csv files, then use the reference connectivity passed as input_data for the rest of the attributes. :raises LaunchException: when the number of nodes in CSV files doesn't match the one in the connectivity """ weights_matrix = self._read_csv_file(view_model.weights, view_model.weights_delimiter) tract_matrix = self._read_csv_file(view_model.tracts, view_model.tracts_delimiter) self.storage_interface.remove_files([view_model.weights, view_model.tracts]) conn_index = self.load_entity_by_gid(view_model.input_data) if weights_matrix.shape[0] != conn_index.number_of_regions: raise LaunchException("The csv files define %s nodes but the connectivity you selected as reference " "has only %s nodes." % (weights_matrix.shape[0], conn_index.number_of_regions)) input_connectivity = h5.load_from_index(conn_index) result = Connectivity() result.centres = input_connectivity.centres result.region_labels = input_connectivity.region_labels result.weights = weights_matrix result.tract_lengths = tract_matrix result.orientations = input_connectivity.orientations result.areas = input_connectivity.areas result.cortical = input_connectivity.cortical result.hemispheres = input_connectivity.hemispheres result.configure() return self.store_complete(result)