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model Package

Gather together all model classes, for easy import and usage.


Common parts for all classes in Model.



Contains information required to rebuild the interface of a burst that was already launched.

  • simulator_configuration - hold a dictionary with what entries were displayed in the simulator part
  • dynamic_ids - A list of dynamic id’s associated with the connectivity nodes. Used by the region parameters page

traits on this class:


traited class Dynamic traits on this class:

class tvb.core.entities.model.model_burst.TabConfiguration[source]

Helper entity to hold data that is currently being configured in a new burst page.


Return an exact copy of the entity with the exception than none of it’s sub-entities (portlets, workflow steps) are persisted in db.

Returns:a PortletConfiguration entity.

Set to None all portlets in current TAB.


Entities for Generic DataTypes, Links and Groups of DataTypes are defined here.


Base class for DB storage of Types. DataTypes, are the common language between Visualizers, Simulator and Analyzers.

traits on this class:


All the DataTypes resulted from an operation group will be part from a DataType group.

traits on this class:

Class used to handle shortcuts from one DataType to another project.

traits on this class:


Interest area. A subset of nodes from a Connectivity or Sensors.

traits on this class:


Interest Area PSE Viewer Filter tool, specific filter configuration user inputs to be stored from multiple elements

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Here we define entities for Operations and Algorithms.


traited class Algorithm traits on this class:


A category that will have different boolean attributes e.g.: launchable|rawinput| display, a displayName and a default state for data.

traits on this class:

class tvb.core.entities.model.model_operation.AlgorithmTransientGroup(name, description, subsection=None)[source]

Bases: object


The class used to log any action executed in Projects.

traits on this class:


We use this group entity, to map in DB a group of operations started in the same time by the user

traits on this class:


Class for storing for each operation the process identifier under which it was launched so any operation can be stopped from tvb.

traits on this class:


Class for storing figures from results, visualize them eventually next to each other. A group of results, with the same session_name will be displayed

traits on this class:


Is the given status indicating a finished operation?


Here we define entities related to user and project.


Contains the Projects informations and who is the administrator.

traits on this class:


Contains the users informations.

traits on this class:


Contains the user preferences data.

traits on this class:


Multiple Users can be members of a given Project.

traits on this class:


Here we define entities related to workflows and portlets.


Store the Portlet entities. One entity will hold: - portlet id; - path to the XML file that declares it; - a name given in the XML - an unique identifier (also from XML) - last date of introspection.

traits on this class:


Main Workflow class. One Burst can have multiple Workflow entities associated (when launching a range).

traits on this class:


Analyze/Simulate step inside a workflow. This type of step will generate an operation to be scheduled for execution.

  • step_index - the index of the step into the workflow;
  • fk_operation - the operation that resulted from this workflow step.

traits on this class:


View Step inside a workflow.

  • portlet_id - the id of the portlet (or -1 if simulator or result measure);
  • ui_name - custom title given by the user when selecting a portlet.

traits on this class: