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Overview of TheVirtualBrain

TheVirtualBrain is a framework for the simulation of the dynamics of large-scale brain networks with biologically realistic connectivity. TheVirtualBrain uses tractographic data (DTI/DSI) to generate connectivity matrices and build cortical and subcortical brain networks. The connectivity matrix defines the connection strengths and time delays via signal transmission between all network nodes. Various neural mass models are available in the repertoire of TheVirtualBrain and define the dynamics of a network node. Together, the neural mass models at the network nodes and the connectivity matrix define the Virtual Brain. TheVirtualBrain simulates and generates the time courses of various forms of neural activity including Local Field Potentials (LFP) and firing rate, as well as brain imaging data such as EEG, MEG and BOLD activations as observed in fMRI.

TheVirtualBrain is foremost a scientific simulation platform and provides all means necessary to generate, manipulate and visualize connectivity and network dynamics. In addition, TheVirtualBrain comprises a set of classical time series analysis tools, structural and functional connectivity analysis tools, as well as parameter exploration facilities by launching parallel simulations on a cluster.


To download it, check out the TVB download site.

To get in touch with other users and developers, please head over to the mailing list.

Some more documents and artefacts for TVB can be found in this share area (e.g. documentation from TVB Node# meetings, some team pictures).

We are grateful to

  • our contributors (check their names on GitHub )

  • our sponsors (check their names on the our sponsors page

  • all 3rd party tools that we used (licenses are also included in TVB_Distribution)

  • JetBrains for PyCharm IDE

  • Jenkins team for their continuous integration tool

  • Atlassian company for Jira software

  • and to you for reading these :-)

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