Source code for tvb.contrib.cosimulation.cosim_history

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#  TheVirtualBrain-Contributors Package. This package holds simulator extensions.
#  See also
# (c) 2012-2022, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care ("Baycrest") and others
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation,
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# When using The Virtual Brain for scientific publications, please cite it as follows:
#   Paula Sanz Leon, Stuart A. Knock, M. Marmaduke Woodman, Lia Domide,
#   Jochen Mersmann, Anthony R. McIntosh, Viktor Jirsa (2013)
#       The Virtual Brain: a simulator of primate brain network dynamics.
#   Frontiers in Neuroinformatics (7:10. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2013.00010)

.. moduleauthor:: Lionel Kusch <>
.. moduleauthor:: Dionysios Perdikis <>

import numpy

from tvb.simulator.history import BaseHistory
from tvb.simulator.descriptors import Dim, NDArray

[docs]class CosimHistory(BaseHistory): """Class for cosimulation history implementation. It stores the whole TVB state for the co-simulation synchronization time. The synchronization time has to be shorter than the maximum delay (it usually is equal to the minimum delay of coupling between the co-simulators). It is a DenseHistory since the whole state has to be stored for all delays.""" n_time, n_var, n_node, n_mode = Dim(), Dim(), Dim(), Dim() # Overwritting attributes not needed here: weights = None delays = None cvars = None buffer = NDArray(('n_time', 'n_var', 'n_node', 'n_mode'), float, read_only=False) @property
[docs] def nbytes(self): return self.buffer.nbytes
def __init__(self, n_time, n_var, n_node, n_mode): self.n_time = n_time # state buffer has n past steps including the current one self.n_var = n_var self.n_node = n_node self.n_mode = n_mode self.buffer[:] = numpy.NAN
[docs] def initialize(self, history, voi, current_step=0): """Initialize CosimHistory from the TVB history which is assumed already configured. """ for i_step, step in enumerate(range(current_step, current_step+self.n_time)): self.buffer[i_step, voi[None, :,]] = history.query(step)[0]
[docs] def update(self, step, new_state): """This method will update the CosimHistory state buffer with the whole TVB state for a specific time step.""" self.buffer[step % self.n_time] = new_state
[docs] def query(self, step): """This method returns the whole TVB current_state by querying the CosimHistory state buffer for a time step.""" return self.buffer[step % self.n_time]
[docs] def from_simulator(cls, sim): inst = cls(sim.synchronization_n_step, sim.model.nvar, sim.number_of_nodes, sim.model.number_of_modes) inst.initialize(sim.history, sim.voi, sim.current_step) return inst
[docs] def update_state_from_cosim(self, steps, new_states, vois, proxy_inds): """This method will update the CosimHistory state buffer from input from the other co-simulator, for - the state variables with indices vois, - the region nodes with indices proxy_inds, - and for the specified time steps.""" self.buffer[(steps % self.n_time)[:, None, None, None], vois[None, :, None, None], proxy_inds[None, None, :, None], numpy.arange(self.n_mode)[None, None, None, :]] = new_states